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Obedience For The Love Of The Commander Pays Off

November 12, 2012

• What difference does it make to obey willingly rather than unwillingly?

█When a farmer’s child willingly wakes up early before sunrise, takes his weeding hoe and starts in the field, the work is not so painful. But when someone is forced either by law or by “no-option” the work is quite annoying and painful to both the body and spirit. Still it is better to obey because we fear punishment than not to obey them at all. But we become happier if we obey because we love the one who gave the order or commandment and are willing to obey Him.

█When we obey Him freely, He can reward or bless us freely particularly if that person is the all-loving God.

Obeying Him helps us progress and become more like Him. If we do nothing until we are commanded and then keep the commandments unwillingly, we lose our reward or blessing.

Obedience is not after reasoning with God but for the will of God; for instance He says even though your sins are vast, Come let us reason together. He wills to forgive us hence he invites us to come and reason with Him for the remission of our sins.

• Why do we not always need to understand the Lord’s purposes in order to be obedient?
Obedience prepares us for eternal life and exaltation. Though we might not know the reason for a particular commandment we should show our faith and trust in God obeying Him without knowing why.
Some commandments may look not very important but with God all is planned and very important, remember God is not a joker.

█The Syrian Army Commander Naaman thought that Elisha’s command was not very important and was illogical. Naaman had a dreadful disease and travelled from Syria to Israel to ask the prophet Elisha to heal him as promised by his Israelite house maid. As a VIP back home Naaman didn’t take it well when Elisha did not even bother greet him personally but sent his servant to tell him to go and wash seven times in the river Jordan. He went away in a rage but his wise servants saved his day, and eventually Naaman became wise enough to understand that it was important to obey the man of God, even if it seemed so unreasonable. He washed in the Jordan and got cleansed at once. ( 2 Kings 5:1–14 .)
Who knows what more Naaman would have benefitted if he had just obeyed first time without question?

• When have you received blessings as a result of obeying commandments that seemed foolish?

Jesus Christ Obeyed His Father

Jesus Christ is examplary of obedience to our Heavenly Father. He said, “I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me” ( John 6:38 ).
His whole life was devoted to obeying His Father; yet it was not always easy for him as He was also tempted by the world as all mortals are tempted but he conquered sin and satan. All because he obeyed the will of God above his own, even when he wished the cup of human-wrath to pass.

So to be Christlike we must be willing to obey. Sometimes our church elders commands us to contribute towards a project, why not obey without question?

Above all, ten percent of every income from God must be paid back to him not because He lacks but for Obedience. He doesn’t ask you to give to him what he hasn’t given you but He commands that; “Of the things He gives you, calculate ten percent and give it back to Him.” SIMPLE INSRUCTION

BE OBEDIENT for it is better than sacrifice.█

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