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April 29, 2012

Elder Jaison Ndllovu


Luke 19 v 33

When the disciples were loosing the colt,the owners of the colt asked them why they were loosing the colt?

Why had the colt been tied onto a tree in the first place? Had anyone asked why they had tied up the colt?

It is common with people to wonder on why you should be saved. Why should you have a saviour? Shouldn’t you rot in you odeal? People enjoy seeing their neighbours suffer want. If someone comes in to help you they just cannot understand it.

You must be released because the Lord wants you. He owns you and nobody should challenge your calling. Jesus had been walking long distances with his disciples but this day he had to silently preach about his dwelling in people. He resides in you and you should carry your cross into goodnes.
When Jesus sat on the untamed colt, his presence tamed it. The colt walked over palm branches for the first time. You are valuable when Jesus overshadows you.

Never mind about people’s sentiments, they’ll like it when you are through.
Remember when the blind man called after Jesus, ”Jesus! son of David, have mercy un me.”
People ordered him to shut up but they were following Jesus themselves.

When women came with their children to Jesus the inner circle chaps refused them access. But Jesus knowing very well why he was there he rebuked them and went on to to bless them.

When Pilate asked the people who was he to release Jesus bar Rabbas or Jesus called Christ, they chose Bar Rabbas instead.

People are quick to give a vote of no confidence, but do you realy have to confide with man? Won’t they let you down when the going gets tough?
I like to read and read again the scripture verse which is right at the middle of the bible;
Psalms 118 v 8.
It warns us not to trust in man but the creator himself.

So why worry when man overlooks your problems. The colt could not understand why it was tied in the first place. It was worrie
even worse when its owners contended with its saviours, but it rejoice when it learnt that it was the Lord who had favoured it among many beasts.

You didn’t just come to God, he released you from the bondages of satan. There are people who contend with your saviour always, they think they are worth more than you. Worry not about them, the Lord wants you.


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