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Do NOT be UNequally yoked together ….

September 4, 2011

COMMENT ON WILLARD SIYABUYELA’s facebook status 4 September 2011.

2 Cor. 6 v 14.
Be ye NOT UNequally yoked together with unbelievers.

I think the KJV is correct in its translation here. Unfortunately English is too mean to field a better word or phrase for “UNequally yoked.”

Paul here is simply saying marriage is a yoke. Actually he is saying you must be yoked together with your equal.

Two oxen pulling a cart are equally yoked. Their purpose and end result is one.

Believers can be equally yoked. A yoke is not easy on your necks but your destination and end result is common. A believer and a non-believer can be yoked together but unequally. This is where English couldn’t find a suitable word or phrase to field in.

For instance John weku Mabvuku (Harare) and Themba wako Bulawayo board the same Bulawayo bound bus at Mbare Musika. They enter through the same door, they pay their fares to the same conductor, they share the same seat and put their luggage in the same locker. John and Themba chat on this and that, they even share their lunch boxes.

The two are yoked together but they are unequally yoked. Their end results are very different. Temba is going home ko Bulawayo while John is going away from home. Themba will be received with glee but John will be received un-home-boy-ly, with reservations. Themba is taking home a $100 worth grocery while John is taking the same value grocery away from home. Themba is appreciating but John is deppreciating.

Do not be unequally yoked.

I am not a doctor on this subject but just a thinking Jack.


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  1. That’s why many marriages are in shambles cozz we are unequally yoked.Futher to that to all in it now, no reverse gear. My words to be shrined in to All willing and abt to enter. May peace be granted to u in abandance.

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